Text Box: Grand Lake BBQ Festival, Langley, OK, May 16-17, 2014

Grand Lake BBQ Festival

Darrel Hicks

6601 North 115th East Avenue

Owasso, OK 74055



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    Sponsorships are needed to support the success of our May 17-18, 2013, BBQ competition, Grand Lake BBQ Festival. We are expecting 500 plus in attendance.  The South Grand Lake Lions Club (SGLLC) is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that supports the community of Grand Lake.  We provide assistance to groups and organizations; and charitable support to individuals to sustain health, dignity and protection.


    The SGLLC has provided support for five care homes and the Oklahoma Boys Ranch.  Our scholarship project has provided many local youths the opportunity to enhance their higher education and careers.  We have provided over 150 eyeglasses and eye exams, mostly to the children of the community.  The SGLLC purchased over 250 smoke detectors that were installed in local homes by our local fire departments.  The Ketchum High School Special Olympics has received $3000.00 in the last three years.  The SGLLC community support of the Langley City Park has been monumental in the park receiving a $30,000.00 grant for new playground equipment and our new project, Veterans’ Park, was dedicated this year with completion expected by Memorial Day of 2012.  This year, a Leo’s Club was formed with approximately 30 youths, which will ensure the growth of our Lions Club for many years to come.


    The SGLLC is the largest Lions Club in the state of Oklahoma.  The future of this organization and its projects solely depend on donations and support of the fundraisers. The Grand Lake BBQ Festival is not only a fundraiser but a family event.


    Your support of this event will provide Prize money, bringing Pit Masters from 5-6 states having a huge economic impact in our community and as a result, the revenues will be used to support the sustainability of this event and the SGLLC in the coming years. 100% of the profits from our events stay in our community to support our community!!


    As a result of your support, you will be a part of our Marketing & Advertising program. As an event donor, you will enjoy heightened visibility of your commitment to our community.  More importantly, you will be helping us to encourage the families of your community to come out and enjoy a weekend of fun, food and music.


   Kansas City Barbecue Society Rules require that all funding be in place prior to advertising prize money for the event.  If you would like to donate to our event, it would be greatly appreciated if you would consider making your donation as soon as possible.  All checks are tax deductible and should be made payable to “South Grand Lake Foundation.”